Information on Kauri Dieback in the Kaipātiki Local Board area, including temporary closure of tracks and parks.

The following tracks are now temporarily closed:

  • Birkenhead War Memorial Park – Track from Birkenhead Ave (via cemetery) to next two intersections is closed.
  • City View Reserve – Reserve closed.
  • Chatswood Reserve – A number of tracks closed, with commuter route remaining open.
  • Eskdale Reserve/Birkenhead Domain - A number of tracks closed.
  • Fernglen Reserve – Tracks at entrance that contain large kauri are closed.
  • Hadfield Street Reserve – Unofficial tracks in the upper part of reserve closed; Unofficial track to Odin Place Reserve is closed.
  • Kauri Glen Reserve/Cecil Eady Reserve – A number of tracks closed, with school access route remaining open.
  • Kauri Park – Reserve closed on 27/8/18 due to kauri dieback disease being confirmed. All tracks closed.
  • Leigh Scenic Reserve – All tracks closed.
  • Le Roys Bush Reserve – Track from Hinemoa Street and Le Roy Terrance to intersection with main track closed to provide protection for high-value kauri.
  • Lynn Reserve – Track from Leigh Scenic Reserve to first intersection closed.
  • Muriel Fisher Reserve – Reserve closed on 27/8/18 due to kauri dieback disease being confirmed. All tracks closed.
  • Odin Place Reserve – Reserve closed.
  • Rangatira Reserve – One unformed track in southern part of reserve closed to protect stand of mature kauri.

Other tracks are being assessed, so there could be further temporary closures.

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