The Kaipātiki Local Board has approved an extension of the liquor ban at the Birkenhead Town Centre to 24-hours, 7 days a week.

OurAuckland article:

The decision follows concerns expressed by the Birkenhead Village town centre association, local businesses and landlords, the Police, the Birkenhead Residents Association, Birkenhead Primary School, Shanan Halbert- MP and many, many others who have contacted local board members detailing concerns and examples of alcohol-related antisocial behaviour and supporting an extension of the liquor ban.
In response, the Local Board has unanimously endorsed an extension of the liquor ban to 24/7 around the town centre and part of Birkenhead War Memorial Park, shown in blue on the map. This also includes an extension of the liquor ban area to include Kaimatara o Wai Manawa (lookout), Birkenhead Primary carpark, Nell Fisher Reserve, Enterprise St, Trader St, the top of Hinemoa St and the top of Colonial Rd.
The area shown in red retains a liquor ban from 10pm to 7am during daylight saving, and 7pm to 7am outside of daylight saving.

Note that the liquor ban does not apply to business liquor licences, or public events with temporary liquor licences.

Thankyou to the Birkenhead Village for submitting the request and to local board member Adrian Tyler for co-ordinating responses.
Thankyou also to Kae Condon and Jude Turner of Birkenhead Village, Sgt Dave Murden of the Police, and Liz Lees of Northcote & Birkenhead Tigers Rugby League for presenting to our local board meeting on the issue.

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