Well done to Kaipātiki on the high COVID-19 vaccination uptake!
The latest data (as of Tuesday 5 October) shows that for the Kaipātiki Local Board area (west of the motorway and south of Sunset Rd), 89% of people over 12 years old have received their first dose and 53% have received the second. I expect the second dose figure to go up over the coming weeks to match the first dose figure, so we’re well on-track to 90% coverage.
The rates are a little lower for our local Māori and Pacific Island communities, but still very high at 72% and 79% respectively.

Meanwhile, the wider North Shore is tracking well with 90% first dose for the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board area; 86% for the Hibiscus And Bays Local Board area; and 89% for the Upper Harbour Local Board area.

Source: Data from Ministry of Health (as of 11:59pm 5 October 2021); Maps from thespinoff.co.nz; Tables from Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU)

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