Consultation on the new Freedom Camping Bylaw will open in October/November.
Last week Councillors agreed on the text that will go out for consultation, including specific areas that would be prohibited from freedom camping, BUT did not accept any requested prohibited sites from any local boards!
Oddly they also discussed that no additional prohibited sites requested by the public during the consultation would be accepted either, but would instead be considered AFTER the bylaw is adopted!

The proposal includes:

  • requiring all freedom campers to use certified self-contained vehicles.
  • allowing freedom camping in vehicles on all roads, except where there are already restrictions (yellow lines, time restrictions). This could also include carparks outside local shops, slip-roads, carparks servicing ferry wharves, etc.
  • allowing freedom camping in vehicles on all council land, except reserves. This could include carparks at council facilities (libraries, leisure centres, community centres), parks that haven’t been gazetted as reserves, etc.
  • allowing freedom campers to stay a maximum of two nights in the same road or off-road parking area.
  • requiring freedom campers to vacate their parking space by 9am on the day of departure.
  • requiring freedom campers not return to stay in the same road or off-road parking area within a two-week period.
  • scheduling 45 prohibited sites and 22 restricted sites across Auckland.

The Kaipatiki Local Board had asked for the following sites to be listed as prohibited in the proposal that is going out for consultation, but they were not accepted:

  1. The gravel carpark near the southern end of Colonial Road, Birkenhead (commonly assumed to be part of Chelsea Estate Heritage Park).
  2. The carparks at the end of Exmouth Road, Northcote (commonly assumed to be part of Heath Reserve).
  3. All marked carparks at the western end of Beach Haven Road in the vicinity of Beach Haven Wharf, and the access road to the wharf.
  4. All marked carparks at the southern end of Queen Street in the vicinity of Te Onewa (Northcote) Wharf.
  5. All marked carparks within the road corridor of College Road between Kilham Ave and Ernie Mays St, that form part of the wider south-western Northcote Town Centre carpark.
  6. All marked carparks at the Rawene Road carpark, Birkenhead.
  7. All carparks at the carpark behind the Sunnyhaven Ave shops that services the shops and Opaketai Beach Haven Gardens.
  8. All formed carparks designed to service neighbourhood shops and businesses, including (but not limited to):
    • Birkdale Rd shops,
    • Chartwell Rd shops,
    • Chivalry Rd/Diana Rd shops,
    • Glenfield Rd/Wairau Rd shops (portion of carpark),
    • Levesque Rd shops,
    • Manuka Rd shops,
    • Moore St shops,
    • Pupuke Rd shops,
    • Rangatira Rd/ Lysander Cr shops,
    • 71 Roseberry Ave,
    • Salisbury Rd shops,
    • Sunnybrae Rd shops,
    • View Rd (western end) shops,
    • View Rd (eastern end)/Wairau Rd shops (portion of carpark).
  9. All slip roads within the road corridor that provide access to private properties, whether they are parallel to roads (for example on Glenfield Road) or across corners/intersections (for example corner of Sunset Rd/Target Rd; corner Mokoia Rd/Colonial Rd).
  10. All carparks servicing community centres/houses, libraries and leisure centres that are on parcels of land held under the Local Government Act, (but not limited to):
    • Lot 1 DP 94804 (ActivZone);
    • Lot 2 DP 79494 (Bayview Community Centre);
    • Part Lot 55 DP 1675 (Birkdale Community Hall);
    • Lot 11 DP 65017, Lot 11 DP 65017, Lot 11 DP 65017, Lot 11 DP 65017, Lot 11 DP 65017 (Glenfield Leisure Centre);
    • Part Lot 2 DP 49045, Part Lot 3 DP 49045, Part Lot 4 DP 49045, Part Lot 5 DP 49045 (Glenfield Library);
    • Pt Lot 12 Blk I DP 804, Lot 13 Blk I DP 804 (Highbury House);
    • Lot 151 DP 49752 (Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust);
    • Allot 651 Psh of Takapuna (NorthArt);
    • Allot 652 Psh of Takapuna, Lot 1 DP 92328 (Northcote Library).

For more information, see my previous post:

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