Great news for Bayview – construction is set to begin soon on the long-awaited upgrade of tracks throughout Leigh Scenic Reserve and Lynn Reserve (around the coast) to bring them up to a standard to help prevent the spread of Kauri Dieback Disease.

Most of the new tracks will follow the existing routes, with some minor changes. The most significant change is that the track that went to and around the large kauri tree (section G10) will be decommissioned in order to protect the tree.

The project is due to begin on 10 October and be completed in mid-May. The project is divided into 3 stages, and as work begins on each stage it will be closed to the public and then re-opened when the next stage begins. There will also be helicopter drops during the project, and at these times the Lynn Reserve playground will be temporarily closed.

I will provide more detail on each stage when it is confirmed.

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