Kaipatiki Local Board members have had a workshop on options for stage 3 of the track upgrade at Kauri Glen Reserve from Kauri Glen Road through to both Tui Glen Road and Raymond Terrace. These tracks have been closed for a while to protect kauri trees.
There are two options to upgrade and reopen the connection, while protecting kauri in the area. The options will be coming to our October meeting for a decision, and if supported, work should begin later this year or early next year and take up to 10 months to complete.

  • Option 1: A tree-top high boardwalk with a 60m long, 18m high glulam bridge that will enable a scenic step-free walk between Kauri Glen Road and Tui Glen Road (the portion to Raymond Terrace will have steps).
  • Option 2: A staircase and boardwalk following a similar route to the existing track, with a 10m bridge at the bottom of the gully.
  • Option 3: Permanently close the tracks.

Option 1 is preferred by Te Kawerau a Maki, Northcote College and Kauri Glen Bush Society Incorporated.

For more information, see our workshop presentation PDF:

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