Auckland Transport is proposing changes to improve access and safety for people walking to and from the Northcote Town Centre.Consultation is now open until Thursday 10 June.
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The proposed changes include:

  • Installing a zebra crossing raised to the level of the footpath on College Road, just north of the intersection of College Road and Ernie Mays Street. To break up the journey, this crossing has been designed with a pedestrian island in the middle, allowing a safe place to wait for the road to be clear. This will involve the loss of 6 parking spaces on the southern kerb of College Road.
  • Installing a raised zebra crossing on Ernie Mays Street, near the intersection with College Road. This will involve the loss of 2 parking spaces: 1 on the western kerb and 1 on the eastern kerb of Ernie Mays Street.
  • Installing tactile pavers at both sides of each crossing. Tactile pavers are yellow guidance paving markers to help visually impaired people to find their way to the crossing and safely cross the road.
  • Widen the footpath at the corner of College Road and Ernie Mays Street.
  • Install new signage and paint road markings to reflect these changes.

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