This week the Kaipātiki Local Board gave a strong thumbs-down 👎 in our feedback on Parliament’s proposal for a Congestion Charge for Auckland.

The Local Board feels “blindsided” by the proposed congestion charge being outside of the CBD area and stretching into our community.
We don’t support congestion charging for a number of reasons, including the expense, impact on low-income households, impact on people’s ability to work or carry out day-to-day-activities, impact on the local economy, lack of understanding in the proposal that not everyone can just switch to public transport, and lack of alternative public transport options (as per other cities that have a congestion charge) which we think is imperative before any congestion charge is introduced.
We’re also concerned that there is no detail on what the money raised would be spent on, and no commitment to end the Regional Fuel Tax if congestion charging is introduced.

The motion to approve the feedback passed in a 7:1 vote.

Below is our detailed feedback – thankyou very much to Paula Gillon for compiling this on behalf of the Local Board!
If you can’t see the PDF, you can download it from here.

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