Auckland Transport have confirmed that there will be 17 “transit lane zones” that will be monitored by cameras – 9 heading towards the city and 8 heading towards Birkenhead.

Each zone will contain one unit of 4 cameras, making a total of 68 cameras on Onewa Road!


Each unit includes:

  • 1x scene camera (monitors whether the vehicle travelled the whole zone; sometimes it will also look at the transit lane sign for evidential purposes)
  • 1x sign camera to monitor the transit lane sign if the scene camera cannot see the sign (in some instances this may be mounted on a street light pole opposite the unit)* One relocatable pole mounted camera housing, containing:
    • 1x side occupant camera (looks at the side of the vehicle to determine how many occupants are in the car)
    • 1x front occupant camera (looks at the car approaching the unit, collects number plate details, and also confirms occupants in front seats).

This week Auckland Transport have been investigating sites on the City to Birkenhead side of the road for transit lane cameras.

Meanwhile, we should be hearing from Auckland Transport on the results of the clearway consultation around May.

One Thought on “Update on Onewa Road: 68 T3 cameras”

  • This is insanity. Especially for the elderly drivers. I still don’t understand the ins and outs and technicalities of these zones. And im 57 so its only going to get worse . Its crazy to expect this compliance on such a stupidly skinny rd. . Screw the buses. They don’t go where you need go when you need them to and no one gets up and gives their seat to a male 57 yr old with all his hair but legs full of bone grafts and steel plates and screws and a hip that needs replacing Bus is no good for me.

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