We’ve heard you loud and clear, and today the Shore Action team have launched a petition calling on Auckland Transport and Auckland Council to stop downgrading our suburban roads to poor quality, loose chip seal!
Click through to the petition for much more information about this issue and comments from residents like you. Please add your views in the petition comments:

Petition: www.change.org/stopaucklandchipseal

“We, the undersigned, call on Auckland Council/Auckland Transport to immediately stop downgrading suburban roads to the current low standard of chip seal, and to implement a policy of asphalt (or equivalent) road surfaces on suburban roads.”

The Shore Action team has been fielding a large number of complaints and concerns from North Shore residents on the downgrading of roads to loose, poor quality chip seal. Although we are elected members on the Kaipātiki Local Board, this is an Auckland-wide issue and will be coming to a neighbourhood near you. We have created this petition to help the decision-makers at Auckland Council (Mayor and Councillors) and Auckland Transport (Board of Directors) understand the concerns of Auckland residents and the implications of their policy decision to effectively downgrade our suburban roads.

2 Thoughts on “Petition Launched: Stop downgrading our suburban roads to chip seal!”

  • I am a shift worker and my bedroom is beside the road on Hadfield Street, Beach Haven.
    Some years ago this road was updated with loose chip seal. This was unsatisfactory for all homeowners on Hadfield Street, so it was rectified.

    So why would the Council want to go back to something that the whole street was against.

    Rational for NOT having loose chip roads in residential areas

    1. Road noise is twice as loud. Affecting shift workers, baby’s and elderly peoples sleep which can become a health problem
    2.Is littering the environment.
    3. Stones become loose and enter the waterways.
    4. Often these stones a carried in heavy rain to a point that is at the lowest point, which is often a homeowners driveway
    5.That homeowners, that pay their rates, are entitled to insist that their roadways are conductive for all homeowners on their street and enjoy the quietness in their neighbourhood .
    6. Littering the footpaths, where residents, their children, elderly and dogs walk on a daily. This then become a “Health and Safety” issue due to unnecessary injuries e.g. blood blisters, loosing balance when walk etc.

  • Just had roaf chip sealed in greemhithe who pays to cleN our cars when the have stones stuck to them no one will pay. It is unacceptale that the do roads like this, they should be liable foe vleaning the tar of peoples vehicles. They need to use rollers on all roads not just main roads.

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