Just in time for Christmas, the track between Eskdale Road and Kaipatiki Road is now open! Please use the new shoe-cleaning stations to scrub and spray your shoes to ensure that we keep kauri dieback away and keep the track open.

The attached map shows the status of all of the tracks in the Eskdale Reserve Network:

  • 🟩 Green: Open (please use shoe-cleaning stations where available).
  • 🟨 Yellow: Temporarily closed for upgrading (due to open in March 2021).
  • 🟥 Red: Permanently closed.
  • 🟦 Blue: New track under construction.
  • 🟪 Purple: Future stages of trackwork. Some of these have had work done already, but require more to bring them up to the new kauri dry-track standard.

Bike-cleaning stations will be installed in the new year.Please do not go into any areas that are fenced off. Please also wash dog paws 🐾 with the provided water. Dogs are allowed off-leash at Eskdale Reserve Network, but must be under control (eg: voice control) at all times, and please stick to the tracks as dogs can also spread kauri dieback spores.

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