This map shows the status of all of the tracks in Kauri Glen Reserve & Cecil Eady Reserve as we head into the summer break 🌳🌞The track colours mean:

  • 🟩 Green: Open (please use the shoe-cleaning stations)
  • 🟨 Yellow: Temporarily closed for upgrading
  • 🟥 Red: Closed.

The tracks from Tui Glen Road and Raymond Terrace that had been temporarily closed and were due to open now, have been assessed and found to be in poor condition with many vulnerable kauri roots, so they will instead remain closed until their scheduled upgrade has been completed. That upgrade will begin in September/October 2021 and take 12 months to finish. It will include an aerial boardwalk/bridge that will be worth the wait :)Please remember to use the provided shoe-cleaning stations, and please do not go into any areas that are fenced off. Cameras are in place due to on-going vandalism 📸 🙁

Please also wash dog paws 🐾 with the provided water. Dogs are allowed off-leash at Kauri Glen Reserve/Cecil Eady Reserve, but must be under control (eg: voice control) at all times, and please stick to the tracks as dogs can also spread kauri dieback spores.

2 Thoughts on “Kauri Glen Reserve & Cecil Eady Reserve tracks update”

  • Hi John,

    I found your web site today- regarding my msg in Facebook today about Kauri Glen, it will be good to get an update on this. I have bookmarked your website as the Oracle of all things Kaipatiki. Web site looks good.. I never knew!!


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