The Kaipātiki Local Board and Auckland Transport are proposing to upgrade the pedestrian crossing outside Kauri Park School and 84 Rangatira Road, Beach Haven. This change responds to requests from the community to make the crossing safer for children as they walk to and from Kauri Park School. The proposal aims to slow driver speeds on this busy road and improve safety for all people.

Consultation opens next week (I’ll edit this with the link then).

Proposed changes include:

  • Upgrade the zebra crossing to a raised table zebra crossing level with the footpath, with enhanced safety features that aim to slow driver speeds and improve visibility for all people using the road.
  • Extend the raised table around the bend in the road so the edge of the ramp is straight for vehicles as they approach, which aims to reduce wear and tear on vehicles and the platform
  • Reshape the traffic islands to improve access for cars turning in and out of driveways close to the crossing
  • Install new footpaths, tactile pavers and driveways at 83 and 84 Rangatira Road so they are level with the speed table.

This project was one of several safety improvements nominated by the Kaipātiki Local Board last year to be funded from the Community Safety Fund.

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