Auckland Council are proposing to defer many of the bush track upgrades that the Kaipātiki Local Board has secured to protect our precious kauri trees from dieback disease. This will be done as part of a 50% reduction (approx $7mill) to the kauri tracks budget across Auckland in regional and local parks. [Note: The budget documents incorrectly say it will be a 35% reduction].

This will mean that many tracks we were expecting to re-open or begin work in 2020/21 will will be delayed by 1 or more years. This will have a roll-on effect, meaning that trackwork planned for the following year (2021/22) will also be pushed out, and so on.
The details around this are still to be determined, but will affect the following parks in some way:

  • Birkenhead War Memorial Park – Stage 2
  • Eskdale Reserve Network – Stage 3
  • Fernglen Native Plant Gardens
  • Kauri Glen Reserve – Stages 3-4
  • Leigh Scenic Reserve – Stages 1-2
  • LeRoys Bush Reserve – Stage 3
  • Chatswood Reserve – Stages 2-4
  • Rangatira Reserve – Stage 2
  • Soldiers Bay (track from Island Bay Road)

Fortunately work already contracted will continue, including Eskdale Reserve Network Stage 2, Kauri Glen Reserve Stage 2, LeRoys Bush Reserve Stage 2.

A couple more kauri budget gems:

  • “Reduced kauri dieback compliance monitoring through fewer contracted enforcement staff”
  • “Some reduction in large pest reduction programme and Kauri dieback research”

Please have your say on the budget here:
Consultation is open until Friday 19 June.
Download PDFs of the consultation document and supporting information here:

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