In the last week, Council has temporarily closed a number of bush tracks in our area that run close to kauri trees. Here are the maps showing the closed tracks at:

  • Eskdale Reserve Network (including Birkenhead Domain)
  • Kauri Glen Reserve/Cecil Eady Reserve
  • Birkenhead War Memorial Park
  • Chatswood Reserve.

Tracks were also closed at Chelsea Estate Heritage Park, however this was an error and the tracks should now be open again or be open soon.
All other parks and tracks are open, unless they were already closed awaiting track upgrades.

Under Alert Level 4, no-one is allowed to fill the spray bottles for cleaning shoes, and no-one should be using tracks near kauri if they haven’t sprayed their shoes, therefore the tracks have been temporarily closed. Tracks that have already had in-ground cleaning stations installed remain open.

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