Wow, doesn’t this look different! Here’s the latest update from the Rawene Rd Carpark project team:

“We are very pleased to let you all know that the final touches are being made to the new Rawene carpark. We are opening the carpark up for use during the Birkenhead Heritage Festival which will delay us fully completing the carpark for the duration of the festival, however we plan to finish the carpark shortly after i.e. late October.
Please be aware of traffic and pedestrians at all times – especially as everybody is getting used to the new carpark and layout.. We do expect that this area will quickly become busy, so please be considerate.
There will eventually be 124 spaces in the new carpark including 4 disabled spaces. The parking restriction timings are being finalised currently and AT will be monitoring parking times once the car park is formally open.
Here is the latest image from our webcam showing the new tarmac surface, line marking is programmed for tomorrow. Stairs from the new (lower) carpark will be eventually located in the bottom right corner of this photo.”

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