The Kaipatiki Local Board​ has approved a mammoth programme of bush track and connection projects.
This includes work to upgrade closed tracks to kauri dieback-prevention standard so we can reopen them. We are also investigating alternative non-kauri recreational routes for people to enjoy, including a coastal walkway between Tui Park and Shepherds Park (going out for public consultation in August/September), a connection between the two halves of Birkenhead War Memorial Park, and the Awataha Greenway* in Northcote. This is the largest investment we’ve had in new and upgraded connections in Kaipātiki and will go a long way in improving our neglected bush tracks 🙂

Here is a list of the tracks and paths approved for either construction or investigation over the next 12 months:

  • Birkenhead War Memorial Park – new walking/cycling connection from Recreational Drive to Mahara Ave
  • Chatswood Reserve – upgrade of closed tracks and bridge
  • Chelsea Estate Heritage Park – continue to upgrade all tracks; also realign path (where slip happened) and replace bridge from Colonial Road to Chelsea Sugar factory & cafe
  • Eskdale Reserve/Birkenhead Domain – stage 2 of track upgrade work throughout the park network
  • Fern Glen Native Gardens – renew the upper meadow pathway
  • Fordham St to Lanigan St Bridge – replacement of bridge destroyed by fire
  • Hellyers Creek Reserve – upgrade of tracks and investigation of new connections
  • Kauri Glen Reserve/Cecil Eady Reserve – upgrade of tracks (Note: the re-routed section 18 is due to open soon)
  • LeRoy’s Bush Reserve – stage 2 of track upgrade work (Note: the waterfall track is due to reopen in a few weeks)
  • Leigh Scenic Reserve – upgrade of tracks, including rerouting of track away from 800 year old kauri tree
  • Monarch Park – creation of a new “nature trail” through the northern bush area (investigation and design this year)
  • Northcote Awataha Greenway* – connection from Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve, through Northcote Town Centre, behind schools, to new housing development area (investigation and design this year)
  • Onepoto Domain – realignment of path away from edge of pond to minimise flooding
  • Rangatira Reserve – upgrade of tracks at northern end of park, including connection to Birkenhead College
  • Rewi Alley Reserve – replacement of paths, bridge and boardwalk around pond
  • Shepherds Park – upgrade of bush tracks
  • Smiths Bush Scenic Reserve/Kitewao St Esplanade Reserve – Repair bridge over pond and construct new connection to Kitewao St
  • Soldier’s Bay Reserve – renew access track
  • Standish Reserve – renew connection from Pemberton Ave to coastal bush walk
  • Tui Park to Shepherds Park coastal walkway connection (public consultation due August/September)
  • Tuff Crater Reserve – St Peter’s Street boardwalk reconfiguration and new lookout

Funded by the Kaipatiki Local Board. Some track upgrades part-funded by the Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR).

* The Northcote Awataha Greenway project is a collaboration between the Local Board, Hobsonville Land Company, Healthy Waters, Panuku and Auckland Council.

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