A 9th Queensland Fruit Fly was trapped on 31 May, within the Zone A (red zone) in Birkenhead Point, 80 metres from the previous find. There have still been no larvae, pupae or female flies found to date.
There is no change to the Birkenhead Point Zone A (red zone) or the Zone B (yellow zone), however the Northcote Point Zone A (red zone) has been removed.
For more information, see: https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/protection-and-response/responding/alerts/fruit-flies/queensland-fruit-fly/

From Biosecurity:
“We know that fruit flies are not active over the winter months, which means they wouldn’t find their way into a trap. If there are still any out there, they will lay low somewhere warm until spring, which is when we will again step up operational activities. We are considering retaining the Controlled Area Notice, which restricts the movement of fruit and vegetables at a B Zone intensity throughout winter as a precautionary measure to prevent ‘stowaway’ fruit flies from getting out of the area. Biosecurity New Zealand will give residents plenty of advanced warning if some controls are to remain.”

2 Thoughts on “9th Queensland Fruit Fly Found”

    • Hi there. Biosecurity NZ determine the zones and when the change. There hasn’t been another fly found in the Northcote Pt red zone for a while, so they were happy to remove that. The Birkenhead Pt red zone is due to the most recent fly found there. The yellow zone indicates the wider area where traps are being checked more regularly than outside the zones, and where flies could still be found. Cheers 🙂

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