Shadesails! It’s taken longer than I’d hoped but we’ve managed to get full-coverage shadesails confirmed for both Inwards Reserve and Little Shoal Bay Reserve playgrounds before Summer!
The poles for Inwards Res are being installed today, and at Little Shoal Bay tomorrow. In each case, the area may be fenced off for around 24 hours. Once the poles have been installed, exact measurements will be taken for the sails, which should then be in place within 2 weeks. WooHoo!!

These two existing playgrounds were top of our list for needing shade. We have also undertaken a shade review of our playgrounds so that we can prioritise need, and have budget this financial year to put towards an additional existing playground, as well as some shade trees. Meanwhile, we are trying to incorporate shade where we can into new/replacement playgrounds, including Lysander Reserve, Tamahere Reserve and Manuka Reserve.
#SunSmart #ShadesailsOverPlaygrounds

Pictured: Poles being installed at Inwards Reserve, Birkdale.
Photo credit: Paula Gillon

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