Auckland Council has sold 24 green spaces (15.77 hectares) in the last two years, according to an official information act request.
And while some of the money earned has been used to buy other parkland, it has now been revealed that sales are also been used to help fund general park maintenance, which is unsustainable.
I’m also very concerned about a comment from Clr Penny Hulse​ on Facebook where she appears to confirm that Council’s intention is to trade parkland in “rich” areas for parks in “poor” areas. I assume that is why Rosie Bolt Reserve in Northcote Point, and others in Takapuna and Hauraki Corner are currently being targeted (that I know of).
Of course, we should actually be retaining ALL parks across Auckland while new ones are purchased in the areas that need them.

Note: The above is my view and not necessarily that of the Kaipatiki Local Board.

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