Following on from previous track closures in our area, the Kaipatiki Local Board and council have now temporarily closed several portions of track within the Eskdale Reserve Network (Eskdale Reserve/Birkenhead Domain) as a pre-emptive measure to help protect our vulnerable kauri trees from kauri dieback disease.
Please see the attached map for the tracks that will be temporarily closed, but also note that other tracks may be closed due to existing upgrade work.
Unfortunately during the closure, it won’t be possible to go from one end of the bush to the other, but you will be able to exit onto Eskdale Road and go back in through another entrance.
The tracks could be closed for 3 to 6 months, and while they are closed, the tracks will be assessed for upgrading or re-routing. Cleaning stations will also be installed where possible. The tracks will then be re-opened as soon as they are up to the new standard.

More information on kauri dieback and track closures:

Thankyou to Pest Free Kaipātiki​ and council officers who have been working hard to escalate the priority of protecting Kaipatiki reserves.
To help prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease, please ensure that your shoes are clean of all dirt before you enter our bush reserves, and where possible, visit parks that do not have kauri trees. With the disease already detected at Kauri Park and Muriel Fisher Reserve, it is really important for us to take these measures to protect our native forests.

One Thought on “Track closures in Eskdale Reserve/Birkenhead Domain”

  • Many dogs running off the leas on tracks and going off tracks to dig and poo. Shame that dog owners not taking responsibility as it is not a dog park. Become hard to run on the tracks when dogs chase you and owner just watch.
    Used to take my little daughter walking there but I don´t anymore.

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