Auckland Transport are continuing their programme of downgrading most suburban road surfaces to chip seal due to it being cheaper.
If your road sees less than 10,000 vehicle movements per day, it will be chip-sealed when it needs to be renewed. Chip-sealed roads are known to shed stones, and Auckland Transport sweeps stones (to the side) twice after it is sealed. However often the stones will continue to come loose for many months, in some cases for a year or more.
This map shows the roads that Auckland Transport are planning to work on for the coming 12 months.

  • The blue sections will be major work replacing the foundations of the road, the same as we’ve seen recently at Raleigh Rd, Pupuke Rd and Beach Haven Rd.
  • The red sections will be resealed in hotmix (thin asphaltic concrete).
  • The green/yellow sections will be resealed in chip seal.

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