It is absolutely appalling that council is even considering a large-scale sale of parks in order to fill budget gaps.
At a time when we are seeing a massive increase in population and development, we need to ensure that all current parks (reserves & non-reserves) are kept in public ownership. #saveaucklandparks
Council is proposing to assess ALL parks in Auckland for their value, and to simplify the process for selling those that are deemed to be of “non-service”.
Local Boards have not been consulted on this process, even though all parks (except for regional parks) sit under Local Board jurisdiction. The public have not been consulted on whether this option should even be considered.
Well done to Councillor Daniel Newman for shining a light on this report.
It can be found under item 10, attachment A in this PDF:
NZ Herald article:

One Thought on “Hands off our parks! Auckland Council could reap $200m to $600m from the sale of parks”

  • Get the all blacks and sports teams to get together to stop the sale of parks and reserves this is where budding sports children kick and play ball. Where people walk and exercise for time out. Get lost Auckland council.

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