Contractors will be upgrading the tracks in and around Ridgewood Reserve, that connect Inglis Street, Ridgewood Crescent, Castleton Street and Verran Road. As part of this work, the track in Castleton-Reid Reserve will be decommissioned.
The work has been divided into 6 stages, with stage 1 beginning from Monday 30 April and stage 6 ending in September.
Sections of the track will need to be closed off to public access during this time, and signage will be placed at the entrances of all the affected walkways.
The Kaipatiki Local Board is working with the contractor to minimise disruption to pupils getting to and from Verran Primary School.
Approximate dates are below:
Stage 1 : Paths 4 & 5 Ridgewood Cres to the intersection with Path 3 – [May-June 2018]
Stage 2 : Path 1 Verran Road – Inglis Street Link [July 2018]
Stage 3 : Path 2 Verran Road – Roseberry Ave Link [August 2018]
Stage 4 : Path 3 Short mid-section between Path 1 & Path 4 [August 2018]
Stage 5 : Path 6 Accessway from Castleton Street to Verran Primary School [Late August-Early September 2018]
Stage 6 : Path 7 Decommissioning of track in Castleton-Reid Reserve [September 2018]

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